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KEA 2015 builds (still dragging on)

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It's a vicious circle K. There are more visitors than ever to the forum, but not many are joining up. Older members move on or feel like we're saying the same stuff over and over. It actually is helpful to all the guests that come here looking for information. But they cannot comment unless they join, so we still feel like we're just talking to ourselves, and we've already said it all at least once.


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Maybe it's an excess of confidence... after so many guitars as you built, it can happens. Actually, it happened to me more than once when I felt confident doing some tasks. Then I try to learn that things are not so easy as they could seem and try to be as careful as a first time builder...

There's nothing worse that destroy a good wood work, I know that feeling... take it easy man.

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Hey guys,
Sorry Scotty,l i didnt see that post until i checked my thread today.
I have made a few since then.

Most have come out pretty well. Business has been up and down, but i have been making some of the best guitars of my career. 

My most recent are these.

A quilted sapele EXP, Flame maple Green super strat, and a 7 string Green zebrawood EXP. Same specs for them as usual.

I am working on starting another 7 string. It will have a walnut burl vneeer on top.



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Thanks guys. It is getting colder now, so my building might be slowing again.
Carl, I have been back for quite a while. I had just done a 2 day hunting trip, and a 2 day fishing trip.


The reverse burst came mostly naturally. The zebrawood is 1 piece, and the color was much lighter on the outside. So it it didnt take the dye as evenly as the center grain. So i just went with it and let it be lighter on the outside.

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It's your photos. You make it seem like you're out for weeks at a time!
Frankly, I could leave the rams and be happy with the fishing.

Haha, i wish i was gone for weeks at a time. I usually just drive out once a week. wont make it this week though. The trip with the ram picture was a fishing trip, that i just happen to see some bighorns along the river. I always post the pictures when i get back, i dont have service while i am up there.

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