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Output Jack Hot Question


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I was working on an old Charvel CX290 and I accidentally broke the connection to the output jack. Can you please help me find where to solder it to the circuit? I tried a couple places with no signal going out to the jack when I tap the pickups with a screwdriver. I currently have it in a place where I thought it should go based on another diagram (middle lug on volume pot), but I'm not getting any output. Here are some pictures. Thank you in advance. Have a good day!





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Mddle lug of volume pot looks right to me. What's the white wire that's coming off there in those pics?

Edit: duh, should take more notice of your original posting - white wire middle lug -> output jack.

No sound from any pickup (check operation of selector switch)? Not even faint hum/hiss/buzz with the volume pot wound all the way up (check operation of volume pot)? Known good amp and lead?

Try taking a regular guitar lead and plug it into an amp, attach a wire from the the shield of the lead to the back of the volume pot and use the tip of the lead to poke around the lugs on the selector switch. Assuming the switch and pickups are OK, the pickups should work as you make contact to each of the white wires on the selector switch.

Was the guitar working to begin with? What work was being done to it? If the guitar was fine before, can you backtrack your work until it starts working again?

Wiring looks OK from pics, but always hard to tell at this distance. Does the white wire coming off the innermost lug of the selector switch go to the outer lug of the volume pot before jumping over to the middle lug of the tone pot?

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Thanks for getting back to me. I had taken it apart to fix the switch that had broken at one of the tabs where the screws hold it in place. It had been making a shorting out sound when strummed which I figured was the lugs on the switch contacting something else and making a ground as it could wiggle around with only one screw holding it.

I super glued the switch back together - just plastic on plastic and taped around the fix a few times with electrical tape to help it endure torsion. I went over the unused jack with the tape and originally thought that was the problem and it was grounding out on the tape, but I cut back the tape and now its only touching plastic on the switch as far as I can tell.

When I had the pickguard flipped around the bridge pickup hot to the switch and the output hot both pulled off due to the guitar's age and the weenie little wires they used in that thing back then. I figured out where the bridge pickup was wired pretty easily, but I was having a hard time as stated finding where to connect the output jack. I noticed that I'd get an output signal when I touched the wire with the soldering iron before it was soldered onto the volume pot, but once I did that, nothing. The guitar worked well besides the cutting out from the switch before I took it apart. Thanks for getting back again. I'll poke around at it a little more tonight.

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