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Locking Nut

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Guest AlexVDL

My experience with these kind of locking nuts are that they tend to get loose after a while of heavy tremolo abuse... when you keep tighten them the screw holes will wear out and the whole nut will stay loose.

I've experienced this twice, both on 80's jackson guitars. In my opinion the thru neck types are more stable, but they will weaken the neck because you drill away a fairly big amount of wood, but still I prefer those.


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I'm no expert but installing inserts will result in removing more wood. I don't know if it will result in more wood being removed than when installing bolts through the neck, or how the resulting reduction in neck strength will compare to the other methods but I think it should be considered. Though the holes for the inserts don't go through the neck, isn't they're diameter larger than the holes required for through-the-neck bolts?

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