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waterslide decal

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Hi guys,

New Member here. A friend gave me a guitar a couple years ago, and someone had painted it some god awful purple color. Not knowing the brand of guitar, I started searching online the shape of headstock. I found it was an Electra. I sanded that wonderful paint job off and found a beautiful ash body and maple neck. Took down to bare wood and refinished with walnut as original. Problem is headstock Logo. I sanded around it and refinished the rest of instrument. It didn't look right. A friend (I use take term lightly) said he would Photoshop a new logo. He never finished after I sanded logo off. Could anyone tell me where I can get a logo made? I have a rough jpg of the headstock. It was MOP . I've exhausted my resources. Thanks,

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From what I understand you just need to do a print of the logo on transparency paper... any FedEx Kinkos or print shop should be able to help there. If your issue is getting the physical file to print with try www.fiverr.com or similar. You can probably show someone a picture of the logo and have them make you a vector drawing or PSD out of it for $5.


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Perhaps. They do seem to have become a lot busier of late, so business purely via their webstore and eBay are likely their preferred focus. One-on-one customer service is often very time-consuming and inefficient for a business trying to maximise time vs. staying profitable!

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I got a great deal from Rothko and Frost (Google 'em). They print gold and silver in combination with black if you want. Great people.

Thanks for the recommendation! Re: porschetoycar, sorry if there was a delay getting back to you, the first email I can find is from Friday 10th April which we replied to same day. Our up-to-date email address is info@rkfst.co.uk

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