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Shielding Cavities


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Hi everyone. Just a quick question on shielding cavities. I am building a PJ neck-through bass, and I am planning on routing out some of the wood in the wings to lighten the load, so to speak. I am planning on shielding the pickup cavities, but since the wings will be routed for part of the pickups, how far into the wings do I need to shield? Please let me know if this is incoherent, I've been up for close to 24 hours with a sick daughter.


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Traditional Fender P or J only has shielding on back of scratchplate, if any at all. Unless you play your basses in a particularly hostile electrical environment I would get too hung up on shielding the pickup cavities too much. If you're using a scratchplate do what Leo did. If no scratchplate, a bit of shielding paint or shielding tape wherever it's possbible to squeeze it in without being seen will be more than enough. What's probably more important is that you use good quality components and put it all together cleanly.

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