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Wonky Frets 2 - Multiscale Sixer

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Back aboard the bandwagon then for my yearly build.


  • Neck - 5 piece blackwood/celery top pine with jarrah accents
  • Fretboard - gidgee
  • Frets - 24 jumbo
  • Scale length - 25" - 26", perpendicular at 9th fret
  • Tuners - Hipshot Griplock in chrome, 3 per side
  • Body - blackwood with eucalyptus burl cap
  • Pickups - EMG 57/66 set in brushed chrome
  • Bridge - ABM independent saddles in chrome
  • Electronics - 1x vol, 3-way switch

In keeping with my "try something new every build" approach I'm going to have a go at binding the body, neck and headstock and chambering the blackwood body. I also have a second piece of gidgee, a big plank of myrtle, leftover celery top pine and lots of jarrah veneer, so I may make two necks to similar specs concurrently to see what effect it has on the instrument...and as an incentive to build yet another guitar, I'll have a leftover neck!

For now though here's the blackwood neck undergoing its gestation:



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Other option is to take a regular pickup and twist it around, which is exactly what I did with the first Wonky Frets.

Perpendicular pickups on a multiscale can result in a warmer tone on the bass strings, especially at the bridge position as the sensing part of the pickup on the bass side is further from the saddles than the treble. I'm not going for a too extreme fan, so the gap behind the bridge pickup won't be too severe, and I've heard enough sound examples of perp-mounted EMG 57/66s on multiscale guitars to be reasonably satisfied that I'll be happy with the sound.

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I love the jig to make the fret slots.

Agreed, really nice jig!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been a bit too busy to spend much time on this, but have pressed on with some work where I managed to find time. Have had to spend a bit of time flooding areas of the top blanks with CA to shore up some of the weak burl before being able to joint the edges for glueing.

Blackwood body blank glued up:



Started on the myrtle neck:




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Planning chambers:


Routing chambers. There's actually a bit of room behind the upper cutaway for a tiny chamber. I'm probably being a bit pedantic putting it in though. It would be smaller in area than the battery compartment at the bottom of the body:


Fresh off the bandsaw:


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Cheers Scott. There was a couple of weeks where I didn't get a chance to do anything with this one, but last weekend I had a clear run to finish off the second neck blank and get the body underway. We have a 3-day weekend coming up, so I should be able to plough on a bit further.

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That's one badass top. Those voids would look super-insane if you filled them using this idea:


I worked in a Japanese company years ago where we processed luminescent materials. We had red and blue phosphor that was white...until you shone UV light on it, then it was a vibrant blue or red. I may need to call them for some samples...

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Might save the luminescent epoxy fill for a different build. I reckon the top on this will be loud enough by itself.

Sod it - added a weeny chamber above the neck pickup anyway. A little more weight relief can't hurt, and the burl top just about doubles the weight of the body as it is:


For RAD (if he's watching):




Binding channel:


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At first glance I thought that was one of those chain saw blade looking things. :blink: Scared me.

Second look shows it to be something a bit more subtle. I'm looking forward to your reviews.I'm hoping you've got some offcuts of that burl to test against chip out?


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