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Knightro's Next: Nova

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Hey friends! I'm excited to announce my next build, a design I've named Nova. This is sort of an odd bird, as it's a mashup of Tele and SC JR, but with a lightly extended scale.

Specs: 26" scale
Walnut body/neck
Katalox fretboard
Hipshot Tele bridge
Mojotone Broadcaster Clone bridge pickup
Mojotone Classic Minihumbucker neck pickup

Here's my CAD rendering:

And some of the wood involved:

I'm hoping to get some of the initial rough work done next weekend, but we'll see what the future holds. Thanks for taking a look!

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My templates have finally arrived! I love the smell of freshly lasered acrylic in the afternoon.


Here's hoping this means I'll be able to get some real work done soon!

I don't get it. It looks like you're already done. Just slap some string on it and you are ready to rock out.... :P

On a more serious note, were do you get your templates cut and how much do you have to shell out with for a full set like that. As I already draw everything out in CAD it seems I can save a lot of time by getting the actual templates done for me if the cost isn't too high.

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I use a company called Pololu. They charge per minute of laser time, material cost, and shipping. I don't like to post prices publicly, but if you shoot me a PM, I'll gladly give you any info you want. I will say that it's decently pricey, but well worth it based on time savings and pretty much guaranteed accuracy.

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I really like that body shape. Reminds me of something similar that escapes me at the moment. Something by Line6 maybe? For some reason I want to see it in some kind of 50s autobody colour like seafoam green.

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Hey friends! I've finally gotten some of my ducks in a row and have made a bit of progress on this guitar.

The body has been cut out and routed to shape. Next weekend, I'll be able to visit a buddy and use his drum sander to bring this down to my intended thickness (1.625"). In the meantime, I hope to get the neck blank going.





The grain on this board ended up being even tastier than I had anticipated. Thanks for looking!

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Knightro, the design is excellent. Both the body and the headstock, very elegant. At the first sight I would make the lower horn a tad wider, the even narrower pickguard makes it looks tiny, fragile. Looking forward to the neck-body joint.

You will have to cope with ballance. I don't mind this fixture (by Hamer), with your body shape it might even look decent.golub-0011.jpg?w=450&h=299

The templates are a piece of art themselves. If you don't scratch them too much, hang them above a fireplace.

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Thank you very much! I can definitely understand your thoughts on my design, but I can assure you that the treble horn is not as fragile as it may seem. As for balance, I'm hoping that the longer neck (and very dense woods chosen) will offset the weight of the walnut body. The neck/body join is at the 16 1/2 fret mark, so at worst it'll be Les Paul-esque in that regard. Still though, if this design turns out to be inherently unbalanced, I can always chalk it up as a lesson learned and revise for the future.

That strap button extension is interesting! I do hope I don't need to try it out though....

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It's neck time! I'm using a nice piece of walnut I found at a local Woodcraft. The headstock will be angled back 12 degrees via scarf joint, and I'm including a purpleheart lamination just for the hell of it.

Cutting off the end that will become the headstock.

Now I have to sand the angled faces.

Now that everything is nice and straight, it's time to clamp.
Not the best photo angles, but hey, they work.

So that's where I am at the moment. I might be able to get the truss rod routing done this weekend, which would be nice.

Thanks for looking!

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Time for an update, with probably too many pics.

Now that everything is nice and solid, I set about removing the excess from the scarf area.

Now for the truss rod route. All I have at the moment is a Dremel Trio with an edge guide, so that's what I'm using.


Next, I made a little purpleheart filler strip.

Finally, I brought it home and arranged it in a lightly guitarish format.

Thanks for looking!

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Big post today! I decided to make a stacked heel with yet another purpleheart laminate.

Sawing apart the excess.

If it weren't for this junk along the edges, I'd have used this blank for something much wider.

Cutting and gluing some 1/8" purpleheart

The whole stack

Next, there was a lot of cutting and routing and so forth, but I got absorbed in my work, so pics didn't happen. This pile of dust and scrap happened, though.


So that's it for now. I might try to cut the neck pocket over the weekend, we shall see.

Thanks for checking it out!

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