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Nut Dimensions for Gibson EB-0 (1962) and Flying V (1960's)

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OK long story made short. I'm not a professional Luthier. I make props and costumes for stage film, and cos-play.

I recently got a request for a double neck guitar, a combo of the Gibson EB-0 and the Flying V. I Have a treasure trove of books to read from but I still have some questions that I am having troubles answering.

For now I just want some suggestions on what size nut I should use. I know that at the nut the neck for the Bass is 1.75 inches and the guitar is 1.69 inches. However, I don't know what height to look for or slot width. Any suggestions where to look?

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Pretend double neck guitar eh? Will look ok as long as the scale length (string length from bridge to nut) is close and your frets are in the correct positions. There are various feet calculators online for free use. Stew Mac is one. Will you be using real strings and pickups etc or is it just a pure non functioning prop?

And what do yo mean by slot width?

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