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How to print a template in the correct sizes?

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I didn't know where to post this thread.. So please move it to the relevant forum.


I've found a draw for a Fender strat and I want to print to and to make a template out of it..

But I didn't find anything about it.. All the tutorials I found about creating a template is only about creating it on the computer..

How do you print it at the exact same sizes as on the computer?

Thank you.

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If it's a proper template drawing done as a PDF, DXF or other similar vector-based drawing it should be scaled to print at 1:1. Just select the appropriate scaling factor when you print it and you're good to go.

If it is just a scan from a blueprint or image and you're lucky there may be a reference measurement shown on the drawing somewhere. Print out a test copy and measure this reference measurement as accurately as possible. Take the reference measurement printed on the drawing and divide it by the value that you measure it to be when it is printed. This is the scaling factor you need to apply to the image when you print it in order for it to come out at 1:1.

Eg, if your test print of the reference measurement comes out at 70mm in length and the value shown on the drawing is 100mm, then your scaling factor is 100/70 = 1.429. Depending on the software this print scaling may be expressed in percentage, in which case just multiply by 100 (1.429 x 100 = 142.9%).

If there are no useful dimensions on the drawing at all the best you can do is make a test print, measure some part of the drawing (eg, nut to 12th fret distance, width of body at widest part) and compare it to a measurement from the actual object it was created from. Make your scaling factor accordingly from those two measurements.

Last resort is simply printing it and seeing how it looks compared to the real deal, and adjusting the print scale until it comes out near enough to the right size.

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