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Possibly the most useful tool/jig you'll ever see


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I'm stuck a few thousand miles from home and it's driving me nuts. I'm dying to get back to building again after a 5 year absence, but I've got a couple more months before I can get back into the shop.

Im using the time to order materials and tools, as well as scour the Internet for ideas, inspiration and good, old fashioned knowledge. I've just been on to the telecaster sight and seen the following link. I think the best bit of advice I will be able to give anyone interested in getting into this hobby of ours (for more than one of two instruments) is to invest the time to build something similar.

You probably won't need all the functionality that this guy built into his machine, but there's some very sound principles that can easily be adapted to your needs.

Many thanks to the gentleman who took the time to post.



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I'm not sure whether it could handle large amounts of load though. Easy to abuse and cause it to become sloppy. I think it would need to be known by the user what NOT to do with it and how far it can handle abuse. I might have a chat with the dude and see if we can hash together something with PG such as an article series. Certainly, the 3D copy carving is more compact than overarm copy carvers you see around.

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