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"Full Build" Videos (Several Hours Long)

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So for those of you that have watched some of my youtube tutorials you might have noticed that the opening titles make it seem like they're from part of a larger whole... that's cause they are. The video is some 5-hours long at this point and takes you from design all the way through finishing the wood working.

It was supposed to literally include everything... finishing, setup, electronics as well. However, I'm just too busy these days. So I'm releasing it as is, with it's couple holes here and there. I just don't have time to finish it and it seems dumb to not share the information that is available.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/7hL4Fpb59dk

Part 2: https://youtu.be/ot8vk2FhCy0

Outline, and "What's Missing" guide:

Part 1:
Introduction & Safety: Missing. However, you should always familiarize yourself with all safety precautions with your tools before using them. You should never perform processes that you are not comfortable with.
Design and Template Making- 00:00:10
Wood Choice and Preparation- 00:07:44
Top Carving- 00:17:18
Shaping the Body- 00:54:28
Belly carve: Missing
Drilling for Controls: Missing
Binding and Roundovers- 00:57:50
Neck Template Making- 01:21:15
Neck Wood Preparation- 01:24:00
Scarf Joints- 01:30:12
Truss Rod Slotting- 01:40:36
Fret Slotting- 01:47:36
Neck & Fretboard Routing and Binding- 01:51:22
Fretboard Radiusing: Missing
Truss Rod Preparation- 02:04:00
Fretboard Glue-up- 02:07:29
Headplate and Backstrapping- 02:14:07
Headstock Routing- 02:28:50
Adjusting Truss Rod Before Carving: Missing
Neck Carving- 02:33:35
Final Radius Shaping- 02:51:44
Fretting- 02:56:50
Inlay Design- 03:14:44
Cutting Inlay pieces: Missing
Installing Inlays- 03:17:51
True Oil Pore Filling and Finishing- 03:39:10 (Out of order, don’t know why)
Fretwork- 03:52:00(Out of oder, don’t know why)

Part 2:
Routing Neck Pockets- 00:00:00
Drilling Pickup Cable Holes- 00:42:26
Gluing the Neck- 00:46:20
Bridge Locating and Drilling- 00:58:14
Routing Pickups: 01:06:21
Sanding: Missing
Epoxy-Style Pore Filling: Missing
True Oil Pore Filling and Finishing- 01:06:40 (Don’t know why I have it repeated here)
Fretwork- 01:19:26 (Don’t know why I have it repeated here)
Staining- Missing
Spraying Finish: Missing
Buffing a Sprayed Finish: Missing
Electronics: Missing
Setup: Missing

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