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Need help with a wiring diagram.


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Hi again everyone. I've been playing around with one of my own guitars over the last few weeks. It's a little steinberger spirit gt that I use for traveling with. They are very compact and great for anyone who is regularly traveling, however It's problem has always been that it sounded, and played pretty poorly. I decided to give it a bit of an upgrade in the form of a pickup and configuration change, upgraded wiring, pots cap etc, nicer fret markers and a veneer flame top (I know it's not worth it but it's my own so who cares lol).

This pic was taken after the first of the sealer went on but before I did the black burst around the edge (I'll pop up a pic when it's finished but this gives you an idea...


so it will be a bare knuckle "Sinner" single coil in the neck and a bare knuckle "warpig" in the bridge. Two very powerful pickups. BKP have built the pickups as a matching pair for me and they supplied the cts pots, switch and their own Russian military grade capacitor.

1 humbucker 1 single coil. 1 vol, 1 tone and 4way lever switch. 

I'd to use the pos2 on the 4way switch as a coil tap on the H then the standard other three positions.

I need to find a wiring diagram for this guys? Anyone have, or even know where I can find one? The usual sources don't seem to have this type of config. 

Thanks, Thistle. 

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Wasn't entirely sure if:

the standard other three positions

...meant the middle position was bridge humbucker + neck single or tapped humbucker + neck single, so here's both options:


The 4-way 2-pole Oak Grigsby switch sold by Stewmac is what to use.  You still need to add your own volume and tone controls plus output jack to the diagram.

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From a quick eyeball:

  • Missing a ground connection on the tone cap/tone pot.  Tone pot won't work without it.
  • Pretty sure the Bareknuckle humbuckers have a fifth braid connection.  Not shown on your drawing, but needs to go to ground.
  • The two points labelled 'C' on the switch need to be tied together, and then connected to the volume pot/tone pot as you have done already.
  • On the upper section of the switch:
    • Remove all ties/jumpers.  Re-do the ties as '4' to '2'.
    • Red of humbucker goes to '4' or '2' (doesn't matter which)
    • Green/white of humbucker tied together and wired to '3'
  • On the lower section of the switch:
    • Remove all ties/jumpers.  Re-do the ties as '1' to '2' to '3'
    • White of neck goes to '1' or '2' or '3' (doesn't matter which)
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Hey again Curtisa, Yeah I knew about the earths, it's the switch that's making me pull my hair out. I've redrawn as per your instructions so far lol.


I can see the neck pu is now on pos 123. The humbucker wiring tho I'm still not grasping. I can see the red will be on pos 2+4 but I want the full bucker on pos 3 too. Also Where do I put the White and green that it creates the coil split on position2? 

This is confusing the hell outta me haha. Got the marker dots in this morning so I'm just waiting on the ca glue drying and I'll be starting the wiring tonight hopefully. Went for the relic look and the notched square inlays. Here's a progress pic.. Notice the reverse angle on the pickup, wonder what it will sound like. 


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Re, humbucker on positions 3 and 4: My mistake. Top section of switch should be '3' and '4' tied, with red from humbucker on either '3' or '4'. 

To get coil tap on position 2 you need green and white joined together on the upper '2' lug of the switch.

Lower section of the switch remains as is.

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