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Third time's the charm

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When i was in the finish stages of the "Olympus" i started planning my next build.  

I haven't decided on all of the specs yet, but the idea is a neck thru with 25,5 scale with a hardtail bridge.

Flamed maple/purpleheart/snakewood neck,

the body will be a nice sandwich of black limba, purpleheart,wenge and cocobolo, hopefully it will turn out as planned.

This is what i got so far, the cocobolo piece is huge and weigths about 13 kg so it will hopefully be enough for some future builds.

I made a quick cad drawing of the design, still haven't decided if i will go along with that headstock yet. 

All comments on this project is welcome.


black limba.JPG


vortex customs.jpg

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Been really busy the last couple of months just bought a house and all of the work that comes with it. But been able to work on this project the last couple of weeks and it starting to look quite nice. 

Finally got the body together and started with some carvings but don't know if I should carve the other side or leave it like this? Any suggestions? 





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Have been able to work on this a lot for a couple of days now and the body is almost finished. Something I didn't consider when deciding on body thickness was that the three way switch needed a lot of depth to fit in the body, But I was able to rout out 2mm extra and now it fits nicely phew! Now I need to finish up the neck I'm really excited to string this up ?







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Ah crap, I missed this one happening! It ticks all of the important boxes, that's for sure. The only thing I would have pointed out earlier in the process is that the rear carving and blending would have benefitted from a bit more finessing. Still, it'll be very accessible and ergonomic. I bet the cleans will be good and characterful.

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Sounds good. The SG I've been working on slowly has been picked up and put down several times so I can be 100% sure that I am happy with the decisions made. Unless you need-it-next-week, that might help. I think there's a straight line showing behind the heel which seems a bit weird to my eye. It transitions the neck profile straight up into a flat bend which is unusual.

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Wow, now those photos certainly cast it in a different light (no joke intended)! It's got somewhat of an "obscure seventies gem pawnshop find" vibe to it....kind of like finding an old neck-through Roland MIDI guitar that just happens to have bags of sustain and mojo. How does she play? Inspiringly?

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