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ProjectGuitar.com's Guitar Of The Month contest is a showcase for members to exhibit their creations and to vote on their favourites. The contest is open entry for any and all members. Winner(s) receive a featured article at the head of the ProjectGuitar.com homepage, a photo posting to our Facebook and elevated member status. ProjectGuitar.com receives thousands of unique visitors monthly; Guitar Of The Month is a great way to showcase your creation to the world!

Submissions are open throughout the month until about the last week when public voting opens. Polls close on the 1st of each month.

Lastly, if you didn't win a previous month's Guitar Of The Month contest, you are encouraged to enter your build again the next month for a maximum of three consecutive months. Sometimes one entry just hits it out of the park!

Tips and Guidelines

  • Upload a maximum of eight photos for the instrument in your post
  • Ensure that your guitar has a name otherwise we'll make one up ;-)
  • List additional descriptive information specific to the build; for example....
    • The woods and materials used, especially if there is something unusual in there!
    • Scale length(s) and other specific configuration details
    • Electronics, pickups, etc.
    • Is this your first build, fifth or five-hundredth?
    • A bit of information on your own background as a builder helps give context to your build.
    • Was it built in the garage, at school, work or in your own shop?
    • A summary of the build's history. Was it built for yourself, friend/family or a client? Did you design the instrument and its specifications or was it built to spec?
    • What were the inspirations behind the instrument and why were various build aspects chosen?
    • Any background on what makes it special?
  • Posting a link to your guitar-building website, Photobucket, Facebook, etc. is fine, even if it is your business. In the spirit of fairness we encourage instruments made by professional builders to have that disclosure made so there is a more even balance between weekend warriors and grizzled veterans.
  • If you documented your build in the forums, post a link to the thread! Instruments with a build thread shared tend to attract more votes from the general community.

Unsure what to write? Have a look around the entry archives for suggestions.

If you have any questions about the contest, either PM me or ask forum members; we're a helpful bunch!

This thread is exclusively for entry posts only - any post that is not an entry will be deleted. We love to hear your discussions and opinions on the month's entries whilst the polls are open. Alternatively, head over to that instrument's build thread if one has been made in the entry post.

Good luck to all entrants!


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ANIMA "Nautilus"

Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Pau ferro
Scale: 25"
Frets: 24 jumbo
Body: Mahogany
Top: Flamed maple
Hardware: Gotoh 510
Pickups: Bare Knuckle Nailbomb set
Controls: 3p lever switch, 1 volumes,
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Raygun Experimental Labs'- Model 1 Forest

This guitar has been a lot of fun, but one that 'rested' in the shop for awhile while I made some decisions on it... so it's been a long time coming. It's a real bling project in terms of woods from the east indian rosewood neck and radial purfling to the killer quilted spalt top I got years back from old member theGarehanman as a gift.



Wood: East Indian rosewood 2 piece

Fretboard: Faux-bound ebony 24 3/4" scale 22 fret board with 'abstract forest' inlay by RQuinn

Headstock: EIRW headplate with spalted quilted maple wings and backstrapping


Wood: Lightly figured Spanish cedar with a spalted quilted maple drop top featuring inset radial EIRW and b/w/b purfling

Size: 14" width lower bout

Hardware and Electronics-

Hardware: Gotoh box tuners and Hipshot baby grand bridge. EIRW pickup rings

Electronics: This is where this guitar really gets nuts. The Lollar Imperials run into a standard volume/tone/3-way configuration. However the volume push/pull coil taps the humbuckers while the tone push/pull activates a Scott Walker Guitars booster circuit. The chrome knob controls the boost's gain level. There is also a Scott Walker Guitars buffer circuit that drives a stereo jack effects loop. With the mini toggle in one direction the loop sound is allowed to return freely (as per a normal loop) and the arcade button acts as a global kill switch. With the mini toggle in the other direction the loop return is stopped until the arcade button is pressed. Essentially allowing the player to "tap in" the effects return signal.












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Black Pussy

This is a remake of the first model I built five years ago, with some improvements. The challenge was to design a bolt-on singlecut with ergonomics in mind. Full access control, thin neck, light weight and simplicity are the main features. Specs are:

- Flamed maple, african mahogany and rock maple 5 pieces laminated neck.
- First grade ebony fretboard, maple binding. Scale 666 mm.
- 3 layers ebony-maple-ebony headstock cap.
- Two pieces alder body.
- Schaller bridge.
- Cheapo tuners... ^^
- Wilkinson humbucker pickups.
- Simple volume, tone and 3 way selector.
- Solid acrylic black and transparent nitro finish.




You can see the complete process here: 



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I am not a musician but I always liked Metal and particularly the guitar. Before I built this guitar, I knew nothing about guitars.
A couple of months ago my brother in law who is a musician who also built a few guitars had the Explorer guitar, I immediately fell in love with it and decided to build one but more "aggressive", more Metally...  :rock

This is my first build, My brother in law helped me understand the measurements, the electronics, the ergonomics, and off I went to draw it. A few weeks later, Adrenaline was completed !

Body: Basswood

Neck : Not sure, he (see above) gave me one that he had laying around.

Scale: 25.5"

Pickups: RedActive (active pickups)

Electronics: Simple 3 way switch, tone, volume

Finish: Auto spray paint - Sparkly black and spray clear coat   

I never owned a guitar but always wanted to learn how to play one, so I basically built this one so that I can start learning...

I don't really have much experience with woodworking but I do know the basics and consider myself to be very handy with tools and have plenty of tools. This has been a wonderful experience. I learned so much about guitars from building it...

Hope you like it. :D


Here is my Facebook, if you want to get in touch... https://www.facebook.com/Realtor.in.Broward










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Man, a lot of great guitars this month, i have to enter!
I'll throw this one out there.
Olive ash SS

2 piece mahogany body, 1 piece Burled/ figured olive ash veneer
Seymour Duncan Nazgul/ sentient set

Hipshot hardtail bridge
Hipshot griplock tuners

24 fret, 25.5" scale BOCOTE fretboard
Mahogany, maple and paduak neck
Super carved heel


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D-Classic Fretless

  •  Guanacaste top (tropical wood known also as Carocaro)
  •  Teak neck and fretboard.
  •  Teak body.
  •  Two humbuckers 
  •  Volume and tone with push-pull to split coil both humbuckers.
  •  1 giant fret ;-)
  •  25.5" scale length






Here are a couple of videos (not very good quality sound).  The guy in the video is the happy owner of that difficult to play guitar.




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