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newbie with Rhino impasse


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just in case anyone reads this through idle curiosity...I couldn't get the boolean difference to work....I went back to the file with the neck pocket already cut, did the fillet edge command and made a shitload of handles around the neck pocket edges and reduced the radii to '0' and slowly increased them...

and it worked...not only that the same method worked on the tummy cut and arm relief edges - - only I only reduced the radius to .125 no '0'.

The boolean difference method worked well for me doing the tummy cut using konalure's method made a little more accurate by adding 3 points on the drawing's curve and a point on the edge at the depth there and the sphere through 4 point option.

I used his method for the arm rest and again defined a point to get the designed depth on the edge/side.


I'm just playing around here and trying not to head but the screen...


I should've started with a TELE....


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