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Best entry level CNC machine.


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18 hours ago, Johnny Foreigner said:

Also late to this conversation, but...

No-one has mentioned the Laguna IQ mills, which seem like excellent value for money: http://lagunatools.com/cnc/iq-series/iq-24-36-cnc/

What am I missing?


That six k bypasses most of the upgrades and learning curve spent developing and fettling a 2k DIY solution.

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Well, like anything it depends on whether it returns its investment. It might the perfect turnkey solution for anybody who isn't willing to get down and dirty configuring a CNC to their specific needs....and who has 6k to burn on a CNC.

Personally, if I were in a position to buy a CNC myself I would go down the same route as @curtisa and brew my own from a barebones import kit. You have no choice but to learn how to set up, maintain and develop your CNC alongside your growing needs. An out of the box solution circumvents that, and I feel I would get more from the process than from the result.

I wouldn't say, "well spent" because that's entirely subjective. If it fits the bill and budget, maybe it would be.

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