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Push pull wiring


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Hi folks!

It's my first post here so hello to you all. 

I have an Alpha 250k push pull tone pot and I want to try a CTS Mojotone 500k push pull instead. The lugs on the Mojotone are numbered and the Alha ones are not, can anyone tell me how the lugs relate to each other so i can wire them up the same? I obviously don't really know much about electronics but I'd like to have a go myself. 




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Shouldn't matter. The physical locations of the lugs between the two makes of pots should be identical.

Looks like the CTS pots simply provide solder pads underneath the circuit board to make it easier to secure the wires to the switch connections. The pins on the switch are also correspondingly numbered. The Alpha pot should have the same group of six pins underneath the switch that will match the arrangement of the pins on the CTS. Just transfer the wires one lug at a time taking note of the numbering and you should be good to go.

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