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Outsourcing CNC Machining?


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I was wondering if anyone had experience with this? I remember when Premier Builders Guild first came out and being super inspired by that. I always thought it would be cool if there was a more community scale version of this, where builders could bring their own work to one location to make use of services or equipment that were beyond the scale of a home workshop or small builder.

For example, if I wanted to do a small run of 15-20 guitars and had already made the files, what sort of places might I look to get those blanks milled?

I realize there are a lot of moving variables in this sort of thing, and it is likely very location specific - brainstorming a bit here.

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There are several builders who will take on CNC work. Several members on here. A lot of builders that have CNCs don't run them as much as they'd like, and a CNC sitting idle is lost money. If you legit have files ready, put out some feelers to other builders that you know use CNC, you may be surprised what you hear back.


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