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Cutting route for pickup switch

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Les Paul type 3 way switch on the upper horn.

I had originally planned to put a top on this guitar so I was just gonna route out a cavity before putting the top on, now that I have gotten rid of the top idea I'm not sure how I'm gonna make a passage to get the wiring up to the upper horn,  I've thought about just taking a really long drill bit from the input jack to the upper horn but I think it would be way to hard to keep the drill going where I want it for that kind of distance. 

Do y'all have any ideas on this or should I just say screw it and put it down there with the volume/tone knobs. Here's the guitar I'm working on. 


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Cut the neck and bridge pickup routes first and then carefully drill at an angle from between each cavity, taking care not to let the angled drill bit gouge the top edge of the route. You can then 'leapfrog' your way from one end of the guitar to the other via each pickup route without having to drill more than about 2 inches.

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Ok I think I may be able to make that work, I was planning on drilling one straight shot from the neck pocket thru the pickup cavities so really all id have to do is drill from the neck pickup cavity to the toggle cavity. 

Only issue is my body is less than an inch and a quarter thick so idk if I could get enough angle on the drill without gouing into the front or back. I guess I will just ha e to see after routing the pickup cavities. 

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