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2016 Builds Of KEA

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On 9/23/2016 at 1:24 AM, Prostheta said:

Oil and figure are just made for each other. You should try and pick up a Maple burl set Luis, rather than a burled veneer. The craziness amplifies tenfold in that....

I am still limited on what actual woods i can buy online. Unless they are already drum sanded on one side, i usually cant use them. They move like crazy when they get here and usually crack or never flatten out. I have some flame maple sets i ordered about 5 years ago that are basically a semi circle.

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It would work if they had been prepared on the back before they were sent, Because then even if they warp i know they had a flat, glueable side at one point, and i can clamp them flat. If not, i can never get them flat enough to plane or drum sand.
Here are a few that i have made progress on.


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So i think i have ran into another problem.
A previous buyer that has 4 of my guitars messaged me the other day.
He bought a maple burl SS i made earlier this spring. Oil finish, like all of mine.

One thing i didnt realize would happen with a lighter colored wood. When he plays with a long sleeve shirt, the dye in the shirt rubs off on the wood. So now it is a little stained where the forarm goes.

Really too bad. Now i cant do any light colored woods without outsourcing a clear.

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As someone with 25+ years in the T-shirt/garment printing industry this sounds like a shirt problem and not a guitar finish problem. I'd ask him to send you the shirt that was causing the problem and see if you can replicate it yourself on a test piece. Then try the same test with another brand of T-shirt with the same color. 

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I agree with John. And even if the shirts are fine and that's something that just happens with oil finishes....then that's something that happens with oil finishes. There are tens of thousands of guitars out there with oil finishes. You are not responsible for how the finish on your guitars react with this customer's clothes or even just as likely, his own personal biology.


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It's difficult having to say "no" to a customer when you're used to making them happy. I mean, this is totally not your fault Luis. It's the guy's shirt. It's a bummer, but his bummer. Not yours. Offer assistance and advice, but don't accept blame. This is no time for the old catholic guilt, man.

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He wasnt really upset or wanted me to do anything about it. He was just disappointed. He is used to clear coated guitars, so i guess that was a surprise to him. I am just worried about that happening to the quilt maple now, since it is so light colored.
here is the bubinga with some oil. Love the figure on this.


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Thanks scott!
The top was already resawed. I did it a little differently than most. It always cups on me, so instead of gluing the 2 halves together then to the bod wood, i glue each half of the top to half of the body. Then i glue the 2 halves together after, like a normal body blank.

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Been cranking stuff out like crazy lately. I had a couple guitars on the shelf waiting to be sanded and i finally gave in and did it.
The spalt and the bubinga are looking amazing. This bubinga is just insane. I wish i could find it thick enough for a carved top.

The wenge board in the pic is going on a zebrawood SS that i am going to dye lime green.
Also is a pic of the sheen the bubinga has from an angle.


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