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Steinberger gearless tuners and custom neck for auction

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Steinberger gear-less tuners and my custom neck will be on Ebay soon so I thought I would promote it here because they are really for enthusiasts.

The tuners are self explanatory and work like new and the neck is Black Korina made by http://www.dolanguitars.com/. It is 27" scale, has incremental frets, it is radiused, scalloped, and has an asymmetrical neck shape. with an LSR rolling nut. Its a good neck that cost over 500 bucks and it was worth it but I am moving on as I never play anymore. It has neck plate holes drilled for a 70's Strat, but that is easily covered and will cause no real problems with the guitars sound or structural integrity..

Both the tuners and neck will start at $40+Shipping on Ebay soon and I will update this post when I put them up for auction.Thanks for your time:)









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Can I use Steinberg tuners on a custom strat build I am starting?

The considerations:

1. Aligning them on the headstock.

2. Will I need to use string trees?

3. Are they heavier than Fender vintage tuners?

4. Any other problems you know or imagine?


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