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Filling all the fret slots for refretting

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I have a 1960's Kay acoustic that has been through the ringer. I need to refret the whole thing but the original fret slots are really wide. I know that stew mac has the fret crimp tool, but I'd rather fill the slots and reslot if possible.

I think the Hissock book suggested filling the slot with veneer. Has anyone done this? Do i just go buy rosewood veneer, wood glue it in, sand it flush, and reslot? Any words of wisdom from someone who has done this?

thanks in advance.

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I've never done a whole fret board but I have filled a few slots where in a moment of inattention a slot got cut in the wrong place. 

I found that using rosewood veneer and cutting slices with the grain vertical NOT across the board (ie cut your strips off the end of the veneer) ,gluing in with CA then sanding while the glue was still liquid and working the dust into the cracks made a close to invisible repair.

Running the veneer with the grain running across the board shows discontinuity in the grain of the fret board. However in your case I presume you are going to re cut with the identical scale length so most of the veneer will be cut out again and the fret itself will cover the cut so you could use any wood really but matching the wood species would probably be better.

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