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Shielding paint substitute

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That depends entirely on how conductive it is when dried. Conductive shielding paint is, errr....conductive. You'd have to experiment with the paint to decide how effective it is compared to regular shielding paint. The Nouveau paints you're linking to say very little about how conductive their products are; just that they're "metal coatings" with a metallic base.

Paint a small patch on some timber, say 3" x 3" square of regular shielding paint and some of the Nouveau paints. Use a multimeter set to ohms and apply the probes at the edges of each paint patch and compare the results. Ideally the Nouveau pints will exhibit the same or less resistance than the standard shielding paint in order for them to be an effective substitute.

You could also email the manufacturers and ask if they have any information about how electrically conductive their paints are when dry.

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I use that exact stuff (their bronze and their copper) for patina'd finishes. I just tested some for continuity... nothing. It does not appear to be conductive enough.

That said, this is their "type B" formula. Perhaps you'd have better luck with the "type C" that has higher metal content? However, I wouldn't hold my breath, personally.


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