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New guy here. I'm building a workshop.


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Long time lurker. I'm serious. I've been popping in for over a decade. I've decided to jump in.

I've been working on a workshop recently to get back into woodworking. I've gotten several books on guitar making and I'm going to try my hand at it. My work shed is 12'x12' with 8' high ceiling and a small storage above. I've been researching workshop to try to maximize my work layout.

Wish me luck as I get going with this.







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Well I got the door on. I also almost have it completely shingled up. My father is coming to town this weekend. He's going to help me wire it up. I also will get the insulation done. Now I only have to figure out the layout and how I want to set up the interior.




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Creating a workshop layout is a chore sometimes. Start with the door....when you take in long boards you don't want to be turning or taking them to the other end. Storage along the right wall if you're right-handed (think about how you carry). If you have a mitre saw or other crosscut saw, that goes well underneath with an extension table. A big scrap bin to the side or underneath is efficient, as are big plastic baskets for firewood if you use that.

I guess it also depends on whether you have sequenced working processes or are a bit more ad hoc. I'd set a larger workshop up based on the material I take in (straight from the mill) and immediate processing requirements. If the stock you use is coming ready milled, you don't have those concerns. :thumb:

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1 hour ago, Prostheta said:

It's too organised. It looks like you don't get any work done. :wOOt

Seriously though. Very nice. As long as you keep on top of the dust management, it should be nice and productive!

I've already been looking at down draft table making. I have an air compressor I can blow off everything periodically as well. I still have a bit more tweaking to get it completely done... Then I'm on to enclosing the garage and making a "man cave." It's in shambles at the moment. Then I'll be caught up on all things and get to building.

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