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Rebuild, sanding interesting results

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So after a very long hiatus, I started playing guitar again I this last November. Been loving every minute of it! 

But to get started I picked up a second hand 2009 Ibanez ART100 for next to nothing off of the infamous Craigslist the guitar has been great to play  decently cared for by the PO(said he's the original) but it was his giging guitar so it had taken a few minor knocks. That being said it had just a couple of small blemishes, nothing you would notice unless you where staring at them. And me being me, I had to mod it and make it my own. So I started my journey. 


I started by sanding the neck, the lacquer finish was bothering me and I wanted something smother. In doing so I decided to take off the entire finish, bare neck. Which lead to me wanting to do a complete repaint. 

Started  the prep, and pulled out the sander. 


So here in lies my question. The body and neck are supposed to be Mahogany, the neck looks fine (thought I had a pic didn't). But the body is sanding down, I feel, strangely

The lacquer came off, then the paint, and exposed a reddish color wood looking surface sanded some more and the lighter color came up, and down by the knob holes a littlemore sanding was done and there are 2 spots that look like they might be Mahogany. Same on the back, the body contour and up by the cut away looks like mahogany coming through? 

Thiughts, ideas, keep sanding or clean up and repaint?

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Then you might as well keep sanding and see what you've got. Worst case, it could turn out to be ugly wood and you'd have to paint. Same place you'd be if you decided to paint now. Except if you decided to paint now you'd always wonder what the wood underneath really looked like.


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Took another pass in the sanding today. Things are looking good!26734702543_72ff4dd46a_k.jpg


Few more passes on the front, bit more on the back and the sides and I'll be able to move forward! 

Had to stop and get a new volume pot, 3 way switch and caps. PO soldered the hell out of them! 

Probably going to order up a new neck pu while I'm at it. 

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