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Trouble with Tremolo


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I am new to the site and relatively new to diy guitars.  I am currently beating my head against a stratocaster type built from a kit.

The problem is with the claw spring in the tremolo.  When I installed all the parts and strung and tuned the guitar, the string tension pulled the claw screws out of the body.  Obviously i have missed something basic and important.  Any ideas?

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Probably the only way to fix it is to either use screws with a slightly larger thread to "fill up" the existing stripped out holes, or re-drill new holes nearby and drill corresponding holes in the claw to match the new positions.

Claw screws are usually quite long, about 2", and because they're being screwed into endgrain timber they need a good deal of their threads sunk into the wood to hold securely.

Make sure you don't over-tighten the claw screws or fit too many springs to the trem. For 009 or 010 gauge strings you shouldn't need more than 3 springs, and still have enough adjustment on the trem to either stop it hard against the body or set it floating.

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do you know what the body wood is? 

was the tuning correct (gotta ask the banal questions) ?

Maybe you could use 8-32 inserts or the like or larger if you have to drill out the wrecked screw holes..send a picture or two...

good luck..


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