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Starting my Luthier career


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I've been playing guitar for a couple years now and figured it be a fun project to build 1 and if I enjoy it enough, I might turn it into a hobby.

However I've look into Stewart Macdonald's website and Allied Luthiers and I notice how expensive all this stuff is. I personally would like to build an acoustic guitar. However at the 2 websites I've mentioned I can easily rack up 200+ dollars.  Is there any way to build an acoustic guitar from scratch that doesn't sound terrible or look terrible for under 100 dollars or so.

Another issue I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to build an acoustic guitar and these guys are using all these jigs and calibers and such, where do I start? I've found "Build a guitar in your kitchen", it's a very informative blog however if I'm going to spend 100+ dollars on building a guitar I would like to rely on more than 1 sorce.

Thank you in advance for all your helpful answers. 


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