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PRS Custom 22 - Push/pull tone pot issues


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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance. I recently picked up a 2010 PRS C22 (lefty) and noticed that (1) the push-pull hardly makes any difference and (2) the tone control doesn't taper, instead quickly phasing in at about 3 on the dial. 

I'm not sure if anyone ever played around with the wiring before I bought it, but it doesn't seem to track the schematic PRS has on their website. For example, the cap is a .033uF instead of the stated .022uF, and connects to the live pole of the volume control, rather than the center. The pot reads "A (|)  15A500K 10 11", so I don't think there's an issue with the type of pot.

Any suggestions or tips would be great as the push-pull seems almost useless and the tone control behaves like an on-off switch. I've included a pic for reference. 14k8sxw.jpg



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I'd say someone has been in there before you. Looks like pretty rough work for a PRS. Are the pickups original or have they been replaced?

I assume on a lefty that the pots rotate anticlockwise towards maximum. If that's the case that would explain why the taper on the tone pot is all at the bottom of the rotation. the "15A" marking on that pot signifies it's logarithmic taper, which would probably work out fine if it was installed in a righthand/clockwise guitar. In a lefty guitar the pot wiring needs to be swapped to give anticlockwise -> maximum rotation, but reversing the terminations on a conventional log pot will give it a weird taper.

Seems the push-pull has been replaced at some point and whoever did it didn't use the correct part. If they got the wiring on the push-pull switch wrong at the same time it could explain why the switch doesn't work either. Could be that the wiring from the two pickups have been swapped here too. I take it this is the wiring diagram you're using as a reference.

The push-pull probably needs to be replaced with a "B" or linear taper 500K pot to get some of the correct rotational feel back. After that your best bet is to carefully re-do the original wiring to match the PRS diagram, taking care to reverse the pot connections shown on the schematic, as it is drawn for a righty guitar.


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