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Neck Joints?

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I am building my first bass, using a Jazz bass replacement neck from Warmoth. There was a thread for a while about the blockiness of the Strat heel. In order to avoid a blocky neck to body joint, do any of you more experienced builders have any advice on making the neck joint less blocky, while still maintaining the necessary strength and tone?

Any advice is helpful.


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Take a look at my post called "New Pics - A couple of guitars" (I think). One of the pics shows a hybrid Ibanez RG and AANJ pocket. Also, search on hybrid or AANJ with my name. I posted a topic that details how I made it.

I really like it, It's not too difficult to make and does the job. I don't build or play bass so I can't say if it's going to be suitable for a bass but I'm guessing it would be fine.

Or, you could just do a neck-through.

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fender does a contoured heel which is pretty nice. it's also pretty easy to contour a normal strat heel this way. check pics of HM Strats and Sambora signatures (the MIA and MIJ ones) to see what it looks like. the heel is still there, and it's still blocky, but at least it's comfier... personally, I don't find the strat heel all that annoying these days...

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