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I'm having issues posting images in my threads. After finding the gallery feature restrictive in terms of image size and having to resize all my images specifically to post I decided to host the images on my own site and provide URLS. However, this too has proved problematic with only some of the images showing up in the post. Copying the same URL to the browser address bar shows that the link is indeed valid and the image is displayed. I've tried typing the html straight in as well as adding via the inbuilt URL image link feature but the result is the same. I even resized the images that didn't show and re-uploaded to my webspace but that doesn't help.

In addition, it seems I can no longer go back and edit my previous posts so now there's just a bunch of ugly links and empty replies...

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I'm not really in a position to help at the moment, sorry, but perhaps someone like @Prostheta can steer you in the right direction.

FWIW I can see all your pictures in your threads. I know that certain versions of Internet Explorer will play havoc with the display of particular pages here. Android Safari is problematic too.

Have you tried using a different browser? I'm currently using Chrome on Android which displays things fine. I know that Firefox on the PC works well too. The most recent version of MS Internet Explorer should be OK with the compatibilty display modes set to "off" (which should be the default anyway).

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I was using Chrome. I also tried Firefox and IE to view but still had issues even after force refreshing. As with most things, it seems like more patience gives the desired result and all pics are now displaying. Patience isn't my strong suit and I wonder how I ever get through making a guitar without rushing things and screwing it up. I guess some things are worth the extra attention and time.

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I'd recommend attaching images directly to the posts rather than using external hosts. If you want to try posting a problematic image here, I'm happy to troubleshoot it and find where the problem lays. Curtis is travelling right now, however I'm happy to try and figure this out for you.

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I find uploading photos from my phone very problematic, because of the size restrictions. I usually edit the photos on my pc before posting, but since I am not hanging on the computer on my spare time, I often forget to write the posts, which I am a bit sorry of. The build diary I'm keeping is not as up to date as I'd wish because of this. 

I wonder if it would be possible to increase the upload file size, but let the software to resize/pack the oversized images?

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Nope. The software should in fact be resizing them.

I know that the software tends to reject files above a certain file size (bytes) but not dimensions. There's no setting that I am currently aware of for that case so I will try and look into it when I can find some time. Sorry about that, Ari.

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As it currently stands the forum will happily accept any sized image. Anything larger than 1920 x 1080 will be automatically limited to this size when uploaded to the server as an attachment to a post. Further, the image that appears inside a post has a nominal display size of no more than 1000 x 750, unless you click on it, in which case it will display at the maximum 1920 x 1080 in a popup window.

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Thanks for checking! I was referring to file size, not physical size. I suppose the file upload has max file size declared and that exceeds with my phone camera photos. I suppose I need to download some app to shrink the file size, to compress the files. Any suggestion for iOS app doing that?

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I don't think there is a filesize limit on images, just a pixel limit. I was able to attach a 5MB JPG to a post and the forum software was quite happy to take it.

There could be a maximum data transfer limit on uploads, so maybe you're hitting that when doing bulk image attachments.

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On 9/21/2016 at 0:45 PM, Prostheta said:

You should see this below the post editor....



....after adding the files, click the + icon next to the thumbnail to insert it into the post. If you want to edit the image, double-click on it in the post.


The regular reply form that is the screenshot up there, I have always used this and worked fine but I am now having trouble when I try and add multiple files at once. But only certain pictures, on occasion, it seems to randomly not work with some. The error message I think read "There was a problem uploading the image -200". 

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