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Hydrographics for graphic finishes

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Has anyone checked out using hydrographics for adding graphics to their finishes on any of their guitars?  I ran across this method of finishes when I was looking at finishing some motorcycle parts I have.  Once I saw what could be done, I had to rethink my previous plan I was going to do for my Triumph, then when watching more of these videos I saw that they were using the same method on guitars.  The only draw back I see are that most shops that do this finish tend to use stock images and custom images aren't too available. 

The materials to create the graphics ( printable film and chemicals) are not too expensive.  The expensive part is a large scale printer.

Either way I think this type of finish is beyond neat.

This was the video I first saw the technique done on motorcycle parts.  The flames on that first tank are wild.


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