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long scale guitar strings?

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wondering if anybody knows where i can get long scale guitar strings. I'm building hybrid bass/guitar from a Fender VI where the low E and A are bass stings and the remaining 4 are standard tuned guitar strings. It's all strung but the high E from standard guitar set isnt long enough. So, i need a .09 or .10 that can fit on the high E of a fender VI, which is a 30" scale, so the string would need to be about 2 inches longer than the standard electric guitar length. I thought of using a baritone set but I can't find one with a lighter high E than .12. Th longer scale makes a .12 feel super tight, almost to the point of breakage. Anyone know of any possible solutions? Are there any other stinger instruments that 1. have a ball end, 2. Be long enough and 3. be available in .09 or .10 gauge. Are pedal steel strings longer? Thanks!

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