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Tele Pickup Question from Newbie

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I am currently building my first project guitar (tele) and am at a loss as to how to mount the neck pickup. I want to use a vintage style pickguard that does NOT have holes for mounting the pickup, so I suppose the screws have to go through the pickup and into the body. I know its a dumb question, but if anyone can shed any light on how this works, what kind of screws, etc, it would be much appreciated. :DB)

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Check your local music store. Most carry those screws. I'm rather surprized Fender didnt include them. The tubing you could get at Radio Shack, or use springs from your local store, or rob them from Bic Click pens....the kind UPS Stores give away.

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Howdy TeleDawg,

Having dealt with the issue before, and not well, a word of advice. When you drill your pilot holes, drill them straight up and down, or your PUP will tilt at an angle. I have dealt with this issue by designing and using my PUP mount, or PG mounting the PUP, where appropriate.

Good luck,

Guitar Ed

Advice worth what you paid for it. Nothing.

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