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I'm replacing a neck on a guitar, I picked the neck up on eBay and it was a standard fender strat type maple neck with a standard clear coat finish on it.  I of course have sanded off a big part of the clear coat when I worked the heel to achieve a proper fit, as well as the neck had some deep scratches in the finish I wasn't happy with. Now I am in a bit of a hurry and need to get this done quickly, so what I'm wondering Is, can I use a standard rattle can clear coat that you can purchase in one of the big box stores? Will this work for me? Can I achieve the same outcome that your typical maple neck has? I would use nitro, but when I purchased it in the past it took a couple weeks to get through the mail and I don't know anywhere else to get it at locally. So I'm just looking for some input on the best way to get this neck finished and what I can use.

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21 hours ago, Shay said:

Can I achieve the same outcome that your typical maple neck has?

The finish has 3 primary functions: seal the wood surface against moisture exchange which causes wood movement and to a degree decay; protect the surface against dings and abrasions; and to make it nice to look at.

Necks and bodies are commonly finished with nitro, oil, polyurethane, paint, and many more. I'm not sure what you mean by "outcome", but you can finish it pretty much anyway you want (within reason...I wouldn't finish it in concrete) and it will still act like a neck and have so little effect on the sound as to be unnoticeable. so yes your box store clear will work. It may not last as long as you want, but it should meet at least two of the first three requirements.


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