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Can someone who has never played guitar build one?


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I've been approached by a guy at the wood shop who wants to build a guitar for his grandson. He has lots of experience in shops (worked as a boat builder & in an aircraft machine shop) but has never played a single note on a guitar. Think he can be successful? Know of any builders who have never played?

I don't mean to get into the age old chicken and egg discussion... (which came first, the guitar or the guitarist?)

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I built my first one to have something to learn how to play. 

My building skills have far outpaced my playing skills....in fact skill is not a word ever associated with my playing.:D

I will say the more I learned about playing the more easy to play my builds become.


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No reason you can't? If you possess the working skills it should be no problem. even if not they can be learned. That does not mean there won't be setbacks. When I tried my first build it was questionable. Even though I had many years of woodworking in cabinets and other forms of woodworking before that. It is something that takes time., Learning new processes and patience is key to success.. Do not get in a hurry, ask questions of those that have  more experience, Do not be afraid to know your limitations and be open about those limitations. Your limits may include your knowledge of, equipment or physical limitations or any combination  of these. There are plenty of people here and on other forums that are more than willing to help. Do not set your expectations in an unrealistic realm and most likely all will be good.. Not perfect, but a learning experience that will lead you to growth and knowledge in this endeavor, if you choose to continue your pursuit of building that one special guitar.. As in everything one does in life, mastery is a goal not a given The road to mastery is learning and aquiring skills

I am still learning after 40+ years in woodworking :) Good luck and take the plunge.


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