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fret scale ruler


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I was watching a video of Mark Bailey guitars on youtube and he mentioned a "fret scale ruler". It was like a steel ruler but with fret distances marked on it. It did not have notches, so was not a template but it did have markings. I posted a comment asking about the "fret scale ruler", but I think may have been deleted. It looked fairly simple and I don't think that it was a StewMac or expensive brand. 

Does anyone know of "fret scale ruler" that just has the markings for different fret scales?

Failing that, has anyone ever tried using a notched level as a way of template. I was thinking that if the notches were accurately spaced I could use that as a template with a table saw to cut the frets? I know the notches are a thick space but on some setups they use a pin that fits into the notch on the template. I was thinking along the same lines. 



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