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Picked up an after market middle of the road maple neck with a maple fretboard on eBay recently. Now this was suppose to be a completely finished ready to go neck with frets and all, all set up. So, for the most part it's right on, everything's good. The back of the neck seems to have a CLEARCOAT on it, your hand slides nicely along it and it feels good and plays well. Now the fretboard appears to have no finish on it at all. Now Is this a standard thing for a maple fretboard? Or do they usually have a CLEARCOAT also? It seems to me like it should.. Does Fenders strats that come with maple fretboards have a CLEARCOAT on them? Or is there something else to use? The fretboard plays and feels terrible the way it is now, so I'm wondering what I can use to get this thing straightened around?

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A maple fretboard would normally have some sort of finish on it or it would get dirty very quickly. Usually this would be a lacquer of some sort (either nitrocellulose or polyurethane lacquer most often).

Has the neck been taken off another guitar or is it a "parts" neck? If it's come from a donor guitar, it should have been finished.

You could try putting a small drop of water on the fretboard - if it soaks in it's not been finished; if it doesn't soak in there must be some sort of finish on it.

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