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Poor guy inlay (CA and... flour!)

Max Bosco

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While waiting for the postman (to deliver the veneers for a LP-style guitar I'm customizing), I dared to do something I had in mind for a long time. Just tried to fill an inlay using the Stewmac "Super glue & soda trick". The problem is I had no soda so I've tried with some flour... <_< Didn't expect too much from this experiment, but I have to say I'm quite happy with the result... it doesn't look like MOP, of course, but I like the vintage/grungy color, it fits very well with the design and what I had in mind.

These are some pics:











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Mateyboy,  the interesting thing is that different materials react in different ways to CA producing unexpected colors/textures... so there's a lot to experiment with! :)Next time I want to try with colored chalks to see if the color is preserved. And what about sea shells? :rolleyes: We have to try...

Feel free to share your works!

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