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Is Cody in this log? Carving my dog Cody from an ash log.


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11 hours ago, Tim37 said:

For some reason I thought Scott did graphic design.

I used to, Tim...back in the days before computers were involved with it. Nowadays I work for a graphics manufacturing company and the graphics designers work for me.:)


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16 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

Just saw this one too, before my time on PG. Stunning work Scott, your carving skills are amazing - makes the scroll and burl look like an easy Friday afternoon build :P 

Cheers Ash!

There are several carving threads in the archives.....I don't know how many of them are still whole and still have pictures available, since I never paid photobucket the ransom it was holding them for.

Could be I feel another coming on this year......


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