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Top refinish - ideas needed

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Hi friends.

I've sanded the damaged resin finish from the top of my nylon guitar. Ended up overdoing it, and the more I tried to mitigate the harm done, the worse it got. These ugly blots emerged.

I'm now looking for ideas of what to do to make it nice again.
Is there some kind of sealer or something that would retain the wood but get rid of the blots?
Or maybe would it be better to glue a layer of veneer and then refinish it?

What would you do:?

It's an old and cheap guitar, but it is surprisingly good and stood the test of time bravely, 

Thanks in advance!



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The lightest areas look like you've made it all the way through to raw wood. Short of sealing it and then painting it, I'd say your best bet would be to sand it all to that level and refinish it. You could try stripping the balance off with a paint stripper, but that would destroy the binding.


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