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Guitar Of The Month vote - March 2017

Time to vote!  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Time to vote!

    • curtisa, "HM6 Halcyon"
    • KnightroExpress, "Pioneer MS6 Evil Twin"
    • Andyjr1515, "Pequeña"

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Welcome to the ProjectGuitar.com Guitar Of The Month voting round for this month! The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month contest gets front page placement on the main ProjectGuitar.com website, privileged member status, a photo feature on our Facebook page, plus an (all-important) shiny member profile badge.

Good luck to this month's entrants! As usual, discuss your voting choice and opinions about the entries this month in this thread....however don't read into the discussion until you've cast your vote! :)

Polls will close automagically in the first week of April 2017, however this thread is permanently open for discussion

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Great to see some left-of field builds for this month's GOTM.

@KnightroExpress - It's always fascinating to see a re-imagining and modernising of a classic shape, and the Evil Twin is a great example of what is possible by bending the rules enough to make something new and unusual, while still giving a nod to its 1950s heritage. A perfect synergy of vintage and modern in the one package.

@Andyjr1515 - I have to keep on reminding myself that Pequeña is still only  3/4" size instrument, but it still fills its size 14 clodhoppers admirably. You may have finally given me the impetus to try something new for my next project. As a bass built to fit a very specific purpose, it's a winner on many levels, and your recent nom for BOTW on NoTreble.com is the perfect cherry (porter ;)) on top of the build process.

Well done to all.

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