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First Acoustic. Not exactly a guitar...

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Thanks guys! Overall I'm pretty proud of this build as it was definitely the most out of the box and complex instrument I've built. And really it ended up looking and sounding darn near exactly how I had imagined. How often does that happen? 🤣

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Thanks guys. Update on finishing. This is after the 4th coat of Tru Oil. Lots of fine sanding has things starting to feel pretty smooth, and I'm starting to get a little build and shine. I reckon I'm

The back plate has been attached and about 90% filed/sanded/scraped flush with the sides. It's very close in most areas except for the scroll and neck join/heel areas.  The join is pretty solid.

I filled all the tiny gaps and re-sanded everything up to 220 (There are still a few scratches in the scroll that I've got to take care of). Rough cut the nut, mounted the tailpiece, and here's my set

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