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Black Walnut Inlays?

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I'm about to make a fretboard for my 28" scale baritone... Also my first build. (Build thread to come, I want to almost finish it before I start since it can take me weeks between stages and if any one is interested that much of a wait can be a bit much.)


My question is... It's a hard maple fretboard (I was going to have rosewood but the guy on Ebay I bought a blank from sent me a wonky, wedge-shaped, rough-sawn... Extremely rough-sawn and most annoyingly damp piece. So I've decided to go with maple since I have alot and know it's dry. I know black walnut isn't suitable for a fretboard itself, But would it work as an inlay? Is it too soft and would wear too fast? I don't want to go through all the effort and time of making a guitar only for the inlays to be my downfall...





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12 minutes ago, MiKro said:

Yes it will work.. As far as the timeline on your build just do it now easier too get answers when needed as you go along and hit snags. No worries on the time between things. Many have taken years. So it's not a problem BTW welcome :)


Awesome, Thank you for getting back to me! The only inlay material I have is black walnut so it's good to know I've not got to go searching for other material.


Thanks for the welcome too!



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