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Most easier model to start building

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Actually, now that look more closely at the picture, it also has a lot of Les Paul characteristics. If you overlaid plans for both, I'd guess the pictured guitar's outlines would land somewhere in between the LP and Tele. If you have plans for any guitar really, you can change the lines of the body any way you please to suit your taste. 


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just throwing this out there... If I wanted to build a template for a guitar I didn't have... I'd find a straight on picture of it using google search -> 'tools' -> set to 'large images'... then I'd copy and paste into photoshop... then use the 'pen' tool to plot dots while zoomed in really close to make an outline of the body...

build a fret2find fretboard and set opacity to 60%... then scale up the image/shape until the fretboard matches the actual.  works for me anyway.

cool tele btw.  you can find that f hole by searching google... it's from a national.

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The one I'm building now is a cross between a Tele and an LP.

If I were you I'd consider building something similar to the pictured guitar, but make it simpler. The guitar you have pictured has a few things that would make it a more complicated first build, the semi-hollow, the double binding, the bridge and requisite neck angle geometry, most importantly, everything on it is custom and there will be no templates for it. That said, depending on your previous woodworking experience and patience, you certainly could make your own templates and do it.

I guess my point is, you could build something similar looking but easier to build with a higher probability of success.

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