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Table Saw .. "Mods" ..?


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Been doing some window shopping for a couple woodworking machines to think about for the remainder of the year. However I have not been looking much at table saws. The one I have now is an old, probably 80's Makita (either 7 1/4" or 8" can't remember) little contractors saw that runs obnoxiously loud, has a clumsy fence mechanism and so forth...

I was wondering about a few things on it. For one the brushes haven't been replaced in who knows how long. Not sure if that contributes at all to the loud running or if the motor itself is just tired. Is it feasible in anyone's estimation to install a similar, maybe slightly more powerful motor? Or is that just opening a can of worms...

After watching some youtubers do the sort of thing, I was debating on trying to fabricate some things like a new top and fence system that'll be much nicer to operate than the original. The back end of the fence doesn't even really have a guide and if you're not careful when setting it can easily invite kickback. I know the best solution is just to buy a better machine :lol: but I would enjoy doing these things if the end result was worth the labor!


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