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Guitar Of The Month - July 2017

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Welcome to the Guitar Of The Month contest for July 2017!

ProjectGuitar.com's Guitar Of The Month contest is a showcase for members to exhibit their creations and to vote on their favourites. The contest is open entry for any and all members, new or old. Winner(s) receive a featured article at the head of the ProjectGuitar.com homepage, a photo posting to our Facebook and elevated member status. ProjectGuitar.com receives tens of thousands of unique visitors monthly; Guitar Of The Month is a great way to showcase your creation to the world!

Submissions are open throughout the month with public voting open in the last week. Polls close on the 1st of each month.

Lastly, if you didn't win a previous month's Guitar Of The Month contest, you are encouraged to enter your build again the next month for a maximum of three consecutive months. Sometimes one entry just hits it out of the park and eclipses everything!

Tips and Guidelines

  • Upload a maximum of eight photos for the instrument in your post
  • Ensure that your guitar has a name otherwise we'll make one up ;-)
  • List additional descriptive information specific to the build; for example....
    • The woods and materials used, especially if there is something unusual in there!
    • Scale length(s) and other specific configuration details
    • Electronics, pickups, etc.
    • Is this your first build, fifth or five-hundredth?
    • A bit of information on your own background as a builder helps give context to your build.
    • Was it built in the garage, at school, work or in your own shop?
    • A summary of the build's history. Was it built for yourself, friend/family or a client? Did you design the instrument and its specifications or was it built to spec?
    • What were the inspirations behind the instrument and why were various build aspects chosen?
    • Any background on what makes it special?
  • Posting a link to your guitar-building website, Photobucket, Facebook, etc. is fine, even if it is your business. In the spirit of fairness we encourage instruments made by professional builders to have that disclosure made so there is a more even balance between weekend warriors and grizzled veterans.
    • Commercial "standard" models are not a valid entry, guys....Guitar Of The Month is about unique and characterful builds, not rubber-stamped production units!
  • If you documented your build in the forums, post a link to the thread; instruments with a build thread shared tend to attract more votes from the general community. In our experience this is the biggest attractor of votes.
  • ProTip: Voters vote with their ears as well as their eyes....if you have any soundclips of the instrument or even a YouTube video, do post it! Everybody loves to look at beautiful instruments, but hearing them demo'ed is 10x as important.

Unsure what to write? Have a look around the entry archives for suggestions.

If you have any questions about the contest, either PM me or ask forum members; we're a helpful bunch!

This thread is exclusively for entry posts only - any post that is not an entry will be deleted. We love to hear your discussions and opinions on the month's entries whilst the polls are open. Alternatively, head over to that instrument's build thread if one has been made in the entry post.

Good luck to all entrants!


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Knightro Guitars- Exploder MS8

My first big (in many ways) and serious commission! I had a blast designing and building this beast. The mission here was pretty straightforward: take inspiration from classic rock icons, chuck it in a blender with modern extended range and multiscale amenities, render results in the most dramatic limba I could get my dusty little hands on. Without further ado, here's the Exploder!


26.5-28" multiscale 8 string
Figured black limba body
Katalox neck with carbon reinforcement
Ebony fretboard with super jumbo stainless wire
Instrumental Electromagnetics SFTY3-8 pickup set
Hipshot hardware, nickel plated
Odie's Oil finish









Finally, here's a pretty comprehensive demo video done by the owner:


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John Blazy here from Dichrolam, LLC / John Blazy Designs (might be Blazy Guitars someday)

My first guitar after six months of cramming for this test.  My wife and I love seeing a local cover band, and became friends with the members especially Steve Raz their lead guitarist, so I realized he might like a guitar made with my material, and I could use it for PR.  

Since Dichrolam laminates are used by PRS, Fender CS, Jens Ritter, etc (via Tom Schotland's inlay version using my dichroic cores), coupled with needing to promote my new "faux figure" laminates, I Decided to mod a Squier Strat in January this year.  Steve loved it, and I got the bug so bad, I decided to look into full custom guitar building as a platform to market my products.   Then really discovered lots of uncharted design territory in the current state of the guitar design art, mostly aesthetically.   

Studied hard, especially here (Thanks PG!), and hired a local luthier (Attila Custom Guitars) to make unfinished necks and body blanks to my design and specifications, and I would complete them with shaping, inlays, full face overlays, final finishing, cut and buff, then send them back to Attila for fretwork, wiring and setup. 

Mentioning this so you all know that I am not a true luthier like everyone here - I have not personally made a neck yet, which requires such precision jigs, and I decided not to re-invent the wheel here, (although I could).

You should also know that I am a professional furniture designer / builder turned chemist, turned composites mfr with 35 years experience in the highest of high end commercial projects, so that too, is cheating a little here, so keep that in mind.

Specs on the Silver/Gold Quilt guitar (might name it "Mr.T", because all the gold and bling isn't feminine here, rather more B.A.):

  • Chambered Basswood body based on the perfectly designed Stratocaster, but I stretched, trimmed and 'sexified' the lines and added larger horns (size does matter here) making it over 1-1/2" longer than a Strat
  • Body face "veneer" is 1/4" acrylic formed from molds I made to look like 5A quilt figure.   Back coated with silver and gold borosilicate (real glass) metallic pigments in a "strafe coated" procedure that causes the quilt billows to change from silver to gold based on viewing angle.  
  • Body cross section is a longitudinal 30 inch radius "arctop", not archtop - 2" thick in middle, tapering to less than 1" at edges to counter weight of acrylic, while "raising" the bridge for playability, and eliminating the need for a forearm bevel.  
  • 25.5" Scale
  • Flame maple neck with bookmatched flame maple fingerboard (vectored for directionality) with Evo Jumbo gold frets and gold Sperzel locking tuners
  • Inlays and body accent deltas are "Gold Burl" Dichrolam, which has no metal, but looks metallic, and changes color according to viewing angle (epoxy version in inlays, and acrylic version in body deltas and knob covers).
  • Hand wound humbuckers by local winder Turnbull Pickups (cutty and crispy)
  • Schaller hardtail bridge
  • 2K urethane with gold borosilicate metallic, cut and buffed (I know that not being nitro lists my address as a "finish offender" causing luthier school children to cross on other side of my street, but I didn't lay down 50 mils - only about ten total after cut and buff)

See build thread here on PG: 


Hear it and see it here - go to 1:07:30 mark to hear Steve scream out some serious Neal Schon on "Stormy Nights":

Escape - best Journey tribute band featuring Steve Raz on John Blazy's Silver Quilt guitar










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Here we go again..

My names Tim, I build guitars part time under the name Arete guitars here in the Tulsa area. 

this is my N12 model, I was originally going to put this guitar in a local guitar store to be sold but since completing it and having some time with it I just can't let it go, so I will be keeping it for myself  

specs are as follows. 

25.5" scale length,            

Sapele body,                                        

quilted maple top (dyed purple),                

3 piece sapele/curly maple neck,        

curly maple headstock,                   

Birdseye maple fretboard,                 

quilted maple truss rod cover (dyed purple),                                                                  

Arete bridge with graphtech saddles (powdercoated white),                      

Sperzel locking tuners,                            

dual action truss rod,                                  

24 nickel silver medium jumbo frets,          

suhr ssv neck pickup,                              

suhr ssh+ bridge pickup,                                

1 volume/1 tone/3 way toggle,            

odies oil and odies wood butter finish,


thanks for looking!!






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I'm Mike from Axim Guitars.

I wasn't here for a long time but ready to post some news for us.
For this contest I want to share our Axim Alpha bass.
Bass has original design and concept. Modern sound, passive electronics, uncommon wood combination - Feel the power of the lows even when it unplugged xD
We make it for free sale and it waits his new owner ;)

body - maple with mahagony top.
Neck - 5ply mahagony/wengr/maple, 35", 24 frets, rosewood fretboard, Jescar SS
Hardware - Gotoh, hipshot retainer
pickups - Fokin classic jazz bass set, V/V/T















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OK - time to throw down the gauntlet.

And yes - it doesn't have the awesome dozens of strings and slanted frets of Knightro's Exploder; it doesn't have the heart stopping effect of StratsRdivine's John Blazy; it doesn't have the beautiful finish, colour or photo of beautiful lady holding it of 2.5itim's N12; nor does it have the stupendous back of boroducci's Axim Alpha; it doesn't even have the ash-ridden loveliness of verhoevenc's Model1 bolt-on....

...but, ladies and gentlemen, it does, surely, have something....

Love it or loathe it - but you certainly can't ignore it, I present the Psilos ultra-modern bass









It is a custom build for a member of the UK-based Basschat forum, Mick.  His concept, my interpretation, lady luck's blessing and Einstein's unsolved paradox.

Spec is:

Scale:      34"

Woods:   Sycamore / Maple / Ebony

Pickups:   Under-saddle piezo + hidden magnetic coils (one per string) through an East UK pre-amp/mixer

Controls and Tuners: Headless tuner system and full suite of controls fully accessible but hidden from front view

Finish:       Osmo Raw 3044

Weight:     Just a  touch over 7lbs

Sounds wonderful; sits just right on the strap; sits just as comfortably over the knee


Like it or maybe think it's just downright weird, you just know this deserves your vote....     :thumb:




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