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Rattle/Spray Can Problem

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I was all ready to move on to my second coat of clearcoat, but the rattle can wasn't playing ball. Essentially, the contents were jetting out in a bubbly mess, not misting nicely. I tried a different nozzle, and warming the can up in warm water but no luck. Is there a trick there I'm missing to get the can to work again? I make sure to hold the cans upside down and empty them after use and couldn't see any blockages in the nozzle itself. 

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The FAQ section on the Manchester Guitar Tech website (where I got my lacquer from) says to avoid inverting the can to clean the nozzle as it just wastes propellant. Unfortunately it sounds like you have depleted the propellant. That can also happen if you don't keep the can vertical as you are spraying.

I'd put that can to one side for use as a source of drop-fill lacquer (spray into the cap & use a pipe-cleaner as a brush to fill any low spots) and buy a new one

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Ah ok, I hadn't thought of depleting the propellant whilst there is still lacquer inside. Maybe next can I'll be more careful with how I hold the can. I'm not very experienced with all this yet! Learnt a lot of things I won't do on the next build already with this one. 

Good idea on the drop fill lacquer though, will keep the can aside. New can turned up at work today so I can get on!

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