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10w Amp wiring help - Desperate!!


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I have a "GL-10" cheapo amp with 5 wires from the transformer. Two from 120v, then 3 out, i dont know where the black one goes or what its for, it came off while i was attempting a mod. The amp has a gain switch that still works.............??

I have been googling and searching for months.


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The wire is either a centre tap for the secondary of the transformer or a voltage tap for a different voltage output. Very difficult to say without a circuit diagram. If its a centre tap it would be connected to ground.

However if you don't understand mains wiring take it to someone who does. Messing with mains side of amplifiers can KILL you if you don't know what you are doing!!!!!!!

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I thought that picture looked familiar:

Did you try some of the checks suggested in that thread? Measuring ohms between each of the the yellow wires and the and black wire? Looking for solder pads with evidence of the end of the broken wire still attached?

Can you post a clear close-up pic of the area around where the two yellow wires are soldered to the circuit board (top and bottom side if possible)?

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Thanks guys, yes i posted this before then gave up. I have tried different multimeter tests. goofy voltage or sometimes no voltage?? Sometimes there is no voltage at the red wires when the AMP is on.??? Is this cuz the Caps are already loaded and its not needing juice? Does it only take juice when it needs it?

 The yellow wires are extensions of the red ones. The red ends are soldered as seen. I cant find any solders with a sharp break. It has a gain switch but no gain adjustment. 

***Sometimes the amp wants to 'fade' like the power is waning. I think it may go along with the gain function. I cant find any pictures of basic amp wiring that looks like this one. I actually found the exact transformer but no wiring diagrams.

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1 hour ago, Scorpion1 said:

Sometimes there is no voltage at the red wires when the AMP is on.

That sounds more like error in how the multimeter is being used. If the amp is on and otherwise working, it is impossible for no volts to be present on the red wires of the transformer.

My understanding from the last time this topic was raised was that you removed the amp from its original case to install it in a new one of some kind. In doing so, the transformer had to be moved because it wouldn't fit in its new location, and the wires had to be extended to reach the circuit board. Can you remember where the transformer was located relative to the circuit board? If the original red wires were only a couple of inches long, then the black wire couldn't have come from any further away than the red wires.

Post some more pics of the circuit board near where the extended wires have been soldered on. I have a sneaking suspicion that the extended red wires and the black wire should be on that 3-pin plug near the edge of the circuit board, but I think this can be confirmed with decent photos.

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