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Electronics suppliers (non Guitar oriented)


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Trying to keep cost down in building I'm always looking for alternative suppliers for everything.

One thing that always amazes me are the prices for guitar-related electronics. Caps at $10, pots at $12 etc., whereas if you source capacitors for other electronics they cost around $0.05

anybody here ever found an electronics supplier to get stuff at 'normal' prices?


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Element 14



Even eBay if all you want is a bunch of generic capacitors to experiment with.

Guitar components are a license to print money, but the reality is that some of the key parts used (selector switches, push-pull pots, stacked pots, long barrel output jacks) are niche items within the broader electronics component industry.

That said, you can save money if you pick your fights. If all you want is an Orangedrop cap for your tone pot, then there is no reason to shell out several bucks from Stewmac. The ones made by Vishay are available from any of the above suppliers and are exactly the same for less than a dollar. A Switchcraft 6.5mm open-frame output jack will be cheaper. The Bourns GTR series pots are about half the price as the CTS ones, and are quite well regarded. Alpha pots will be cheaper if you're not paying Stewmac for them. Mini toggles.


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