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Fabric with a large roundover


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I'm planning to cover the back of a Tele project with fabric. However, the body has a rather large roundover (1/2" or 3/8", can't remember). I can't figure out what to do with the edge of the fabric. The sides will be a solid colour. I'm planning to do a PoorBoyBurst(TM) but the transition from wood to fabric worries me, I'm afraid there will be a visible step made even worse if the edge of the fabric does not follow the guitar outline 100%. The excellent "Material finishes" tutorial by Brian doesn't really cover this as the guitar in that one has a sharp edge.

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Not sure if this is a feasible solution for you, but what I think I would do is cut about a 2mm deep slot at the point you want the fabric to end.  Follow Scott's suggestion about fabric that stretches in both directions.  Put glue in the slot, then use a thin edge (like a credit card) to press the fabric into the slot.  The width of the slot would depend on the thickness of your fabric, but you want it to barely fit.  Extensive testing on scraps would be wise.  This will give you a clean edge and avoid fraying.

Another approach would be to put a thin, flexible strip (or wood, bent to the shape of your guitar) on the inside of the fabric, and fold the edge up on the inside, secured with glue.  This is how they do it on upholstery.  This will also give you a clean edge and prevent fraying.

Either way, to avoid the step effect, you'll have to plane down the surface of the wood that the fabric covers so that the top surface of the fabric is flush with the top surface of the wood it butts up against.  To do that, you'll also have to re-cut one of the roundovers.  See my (rough) sketch attached.  



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Here's what I ended up with. The fabric is laminated with epoxy. Need to fix the bits where my PoorBoyBurst standoffs left some light spots, hoping to get away with some light sanding. Then it's time for some clear lacquer. The smaller light spots are epoxy sandthroughs, not going to worry about those. Just a little brain damage, that's all.


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